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  • V/A Turkish Ladies. Female Singers from Turkey 1974 - 1988

    Out on May 11!

    Compilation curated by Ladies on Records

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    Ladies on Records project turn into a label!

    Since the very beginning of this journey I dreamt of establishing a record label that introduced the most exciting, soulful and astonishing music created by women. Since May Ladies on Records is a record label!

    Stay tuned for new releases and new exciting enterprises presenting female artists from the past.



















    Ladies on Records presented in Liverope/ Brussels

    Worldwide attention towards Psychedelic Turkish music was the main topic of a panel organised by Liveurope in Ancienne Belgique - AB Brussels.

    The event was organized around Saz Power compilation (Elektro Hafız, MLDVA, Derya Yildirim & Grup Şimşek, BaBa ZuLa, Hudna and many others). It was a great pleasure to be there and give my comments about "Turkish Psych revival: an outernational movement". "Turkish Ladies" were proudly representing Turkish women there. A wonderful conversation with Orhan Özgür from Hudna Band and Karolien Polenus.







    Record Collector Magazine - spotlight on Ladies on Records

    "Originally from Poland, music curator and compiler Kornelia Binicewicz moved to Istanbul in 2015 to discover Turkish female singers through dusty records and blurred memories." Interview by Hannah Vettese

    Record Collector Magazine is a British monthly magazine for those who want to go deeper into the world of vinyl. You can read about Ladies on Records - 60s, 70s & 80s female music, my record collection and my journey into the world of vinyl in the latest issue (July 2018 issue #481).
    Great questions about collecting, beloved and desired records, musical thrills and excitements were asked by Hannah Vettese.





    "Turkish Ladies" review in The National

    The compilation offers a chance to re-appraise some wonderful music, and provides a great insight into the lives and careers of the women who made that music​" - An album review written by James McNair.

    Read the whole review here







    Ladies on Records mixtape for NTS London

    Celebrating the release of "Turkish Ladies" compilation with special 1 hour mixtape of Turkish female singers from 70s and 80s.

    11 May 2018

    14.00 - 15.00 BST / 15.00 - 16.00 EST / 16.00 - 17.00 Istanbul

    www. nts.live/1

    Listen here



    Turkish Ladies compilation in Sophisticated Boom Boom of Sheila Burgel (WFMU)

    Sheila B. - DJ and female music collector features Ladies on Records and forthcoming Turkish Ladies compilation

    Sophisticted Boom Boom with Sheila B. is definately the most inspiring radio programs devoted to presentation of female music. DJ, record collector and researcher - Sheila Burgel brings female music from oblivion. Sheila is a collector of ’60s female pop, US girl groups, French Yé-Yé singers, and British and Japanese beat girls. Her compilations of "Nippon Girls: Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova 1966-70" and "Nippon Girls 2: Japanese Pop - Beat & Rock'n'roll - 1965-70" are the best presentation of vintage Japanese female music. Her work has been a huge inspiration for me since the beginning of Ladies on Records project.

    I was lucky to chat with Sheila about Turkish Ladies compilation on her radio program on May 4th 2018.

    Listen the program back here







    "Discovering The Women Singers of Turkey from the 70s and 80s" - feature about Ladies on Records in The Attic Magazine

    Bucarest based The Attic Magazine presents the story behind making of "Turkish Ladies. Female Singers from Turkey 1974 -1988'.​

    "Ms Binicewicz is a passionate record collector, spending a good deal of time unearthing music, and lately having become more focused on music exclusively composed, produced or performed by women. From 2008 to 2013 she also was curator of the Music & The World Film Festival (Muzyka i Świat Festival), the very first event in Poland devoted to the presentation of music film documentaries. Having had a growing interest in music from the East Mediterranean and Middle East regions, she was introduced to the Mevlevi spiritual music, and later she explored the music of Bariș Manco, Erkin Koray, Kamuran Akkor, or Selda Bagcan. While living in Poland, it soon became clear that by living there, you can only reach so much of it, that the possibilities there were limited. So she decided to go on, what was supposed to be, a one month trip to Istanbul and she packed some 30 Kg of records, arranged some DJ gigs, a few summer dresses and took off for the Bosphorus to explore Turkish music by women. Not long after she had set foot in Istanbul, she realised that this will be her new life, in Istanbul, and had only briefly returned to Krakow in order to put things in order and permanently depart on the new adventure.​"


    Read the whole story



    Plaktaki Kadin - interview in Milliyet Sanat

    Just before the release date of "Turkish Ladies" compilation I got interviewed by Volkan Balkan from Milliyet Sanat magazine.

    Turkish Ladies. Female singers from Turkey 1974 - 1988 will be released on May 11th. It was a big pleasure to talk to Milliyet Sanat - tell the idea of Ladies on Records project and share stories from creation of the album presenting Turkish singers from 70s and 80s.





    Release date of Turkish Ladies compilation announced!

    "Turkish Ladies. Female Singers from Turkey 1974 - 1988" compilation will be released on May 11th 2018. We can finally share a front cover design with you.

    The artwork of the album was created by Marianne MarpLondon - a Danish artist based in London.

    The album distributed by Kudos Records. For pre -order go here














    "Turkish Ladies. Female Music from Turkey 1974 - 1988" - curated compilation by Ladies on Records is almost here!

    We have received the test press of 1st Ladies on Records compilation. The LP consists of tracks selected from the archives of few old Turkish labels - Elenor, Şah Plak and Türküola. The compilation will be released by Sony Music Turkey.

    From the back cover:

    "Female singers are not only artists. They are messengers. Their style reflects what is glamorous, vivid, and important for the culture of their time. But female songs not only reflect what is visible and accepted. They also mirror all neglected, undervalued dreams and expectations.


    Turkish Ladies compilation, curated by Kornelia Binicewicz, aka Ladies on Records emerges from the deep and profound listening to the message of Turkish female singers. Created from music archives of old Turkish labels (Elenor, Türküola, Şah Plak) under licensing umbrella of Sony Music Turkey, the compilation captures the broad diversity of music performed by Turkish women. From seductive and charismatic divas of gazinos and pavyons to straightforward and rough folk singers of türkü bars.


    There has been recent interest and revival of Turkish music from late 60s, 70s and 80s among record collectors and musicians. It is high time to rediscover and appreciate the female narrative of this exciting period in music from Turkey.


    Sweet melodies and heartbreaking dramas are captured in edgy arrangements and compositions with eccentric synthesizers, mesmerizing arabesque string orchestras, waka waka funky guitars and narcotizing rhythm sections of darbukas and drum sets. Get surprised by a variety of influences and fusions – from classical Türk Sanat, Argentinian tango, Spanish flamenco, Egyptian classical orchestras, traditional folk songs to worldwide popular disco, psychedelia, funk in local unique setups from late 70s and 80s."


    Interview in Gazete Duvar

    Interview published on leftist Turkish online magazine Duvar

    I had a pleasure to talk about Ladies on Records in Turkey with Tuğce Özbiçer from Gazete Duvar. We talked about exploring archives of old Turkish labels, female singers from Turkey and ongoing projects and future plans.


    Interview in Turkish >>> here





    Story about Kamuran Akkor and Fairuz in The Attic

    "Fairuz – the jewel of Beirut; Kamuran Akkor – the pearl of Istanbul. Their resemblance is striking. Their voices are not only similar in color and structure, with their deep and trembling sounds; they are also perfectly different and original in the way that only great voices can differ. Both Fairuz and Kamuran mastered the ability of singing in typically Eastern as well as Western modes. Their biographies are different in details, but similar in trivialities and life paths. Their stories tell of the cultural and musical situation in both countries, especially depicting the music business in Lebanon and Turkey."


    read the essay here





    Ladies on Records featured in Haaretz

    A week before visiting InDnegev Festival in Israel

    I was interviewed by Haaretz - the most influential Israeli newspaper.

    Hebrew version of the text - here.









    Red Light Radio session

    Check out the recording of vinyl-only session in Red Light Radio

    Red Light Radio is one of the most vivid online radio stations broadcasting from an old window in Amsterdam's Red Light District. Early morning show of Ladies on Records took place on June 8th 2017.

    You can check the audio recording of the show here.





    First summer tour of Ladies on Records accomplished

    Gigs, radio sessions and music talks in Poland, Germany and Netherlands

    I had a great pleasure to play in Kraków, Amsterdam, Berlin, Lörrach and Munich, meeting wonderful people and making new friends. It was a great experience to share Ladies on Records selection with European crowds. From cross-cultural open spaces act to nargila bar dj set, hipster club with Turkish diaspora DJs to membership clubs and alternative radio station - all the events were unique and had its own vibe. Everywhere Ladies on Records DJ sets were welcomed enthusiastically. It was a great surprise to acknowledge that people from Germany, Poland and the Netherlands appreciate Turkish women singers so much and follow Ladies on Records project. Beautiful and amplifying experience. Hope to meet all new friends soon on next tour.




    Ladies on Records in Europe

    Kraków, Berlin, Amsterdam and Munich in June 2017

    Ladies on Records go on European tour!
    All the most outstanding female singers of Turkish music scene of 60s and 70s will soon visit Kraków, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich.

    Check if you are around!
    June 3rd - HEVRE/ Kraków/ with Easy cheesy
    June 8th - Red Light Radio/ Amsterdam
    June 9th - Hotel Anadolu *** Butcher's Tears/ Amsterdam with Osdorp Tapes & D.J. Klapsalon & Haylayf
    June 10th - Cafe Aleppo/ Flying Arab/ Berlin with Selectora Cecilia Yzarra
    June 11th & 12th - Soho House Berlin
    June 16th - Unter Deck/ Munich with Afrodermitis


    The poster of European tour designed by Istanbul based designer - Başak Unal, who got inspired from luxuriant archive of gazino posters.





    4th mixtape from Ladies on Records

    Turkish Ladies - Heartbroken Heroines

    Heartbroken Heroines is 4th Ladies on Records' mixtape and a tribute to Turkish female singers from 60s, 70s and 80s. After 1,5 year of living in Istanbul and exploration of Turkish divas, I am sharing with you a collection of classic beauties of Turkish music scene of folk, türk sanat, arabesk, turkish pop and psychedelic rock. This mixtape is a homage to powerful women, whose voices delivered forceful lyrics of never ending fight in the name of love.


    Mixcloud link






    Ladies on Records events in Istanbul

    Soundlectures and DJ sessions are soon to come in May

    I am leaving Istanbul on May 16th. It doesn't mean the end of the Ladies on Records project, but it is definitely an end of one part of the enterprise and beginning of new chapter.

    Before I go, join events in wonderful Istanbul venues in both parts of the city and be with me on my soundlectures and DJ gigs.


    May 3rd - Luzia Istanbul

    * DJ session


    May 4th - Soho House Istanbul

    * Soundlecture: "Turkish Ladies - Women Singers of Anatolia in 60s and 70s"

    * DJ session


    May 12th - BINA. Moda

    * Soundlecture: "Turkish Ladies - Women Singers of Anatolia in 60s and 70s"

    * DJ session - Farewell Party of Ladies on Records





    Interviewing Kamuran Akkor

    I talked to Kamuran Akkor - one of the most successful and gifted Turkish singer.

    Kamuran Akkor is THE star of Turkish music scene. As a place for an interview Kamuran chose Kats Sahne - the theatre established by her, where she also performs as an actress. Starting from late 60s as an extremely gifted teenage singer, she was putting a spell on Turkish audience till late 90s. Known as a singer with an unique voice, Kamuran succeeded not only in her favourite style - Turk Sanat, but laso in Türkce Pop and Arabesk. She cooperated with the best orchestras of the 70s - Suheyil Denizcı Orchestrası and Vasfi Uçaroğlu Orchestrası. With the latter, husband and an artistic companion, she created outstanding performances and immortal recordings.

    I have always felt that her voice and music was something else. It proved to be truth. The story needs to be written. Hopefully in forthcoming months.






    Review of Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu by James McNair for The National

    Read a story about the compilation and the curator work behind it.

    "As a passionate crate-digger, the Krakow, Poland-born DJ and anthropologist Kornelia Binicewicz has spent many an hour searching for the black gold of rare vinyl. But when she was tasked with curating Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu – a fabulously outlandish new compilation for the venerable Turkish label Uzelli Kaset – Binicewicz’s treasure hunt involved sifting through countless kilometres of shiny brown magnetic tape."


    Read the story here





    Ladies on Records and Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu

    Curating of the new compilation of Turkish psychedelic music - on vinyl, CD and digital.

    I had a pleasure to cooperate with Turkish cassette label Uzelli from Istanbul and curate their 1st release of their very fresh project. The result is a beautiful vinyl and CD - Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu, bringing the soundscape of Turkish psychedelic music, created between 1975 and 1984.


    It was exciting and enlightening adventure of diving in Uzelli archive. As a curator, selector and writer of liner notes I had a huge pleasure to work with outstanding professionals and music lovers - Sebastian Reier, Murat Beşer, Sonia Seeman, Ariel Tagar - as supporters and researchers, Damian Nowak - talented Polish graphic designer, Frederic Strader and Emil Berliner Studio for making the sound perfect and Metin Uzelli - the heir and the owner of the Uzelli label.


    The compilation brings psychedelic music from Turkey from late 70s and and 80s, cut by military coup 1980. The release would never been so powerful if not two songs of beautiful and talented women singers - Neşe Alkan and Elvan Sevil.


    Check out for more.

    Worldwide release date March 10th 2017.






    Ladies on Records in Sophisticated Boom Boom Radio show

    Tune in on Friday, March 3rd - Sheila Burgul's radio show with Turkish Ladies special.

    I remember when I got a copy of this beautiful book "Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting" by Elion Paz, packed with perfect photos and stories about record collectors from around the world. I found her story there. I was mesmerised by Sheila Burgel, who shared her adventures in girl pop record collecting. That was the moment when I understood that it is possible to create a project about women music and bring to people all these treasures of female singers. That was when I decided to kick off with Ladies on Records - 60s & 70s female music and bring all the things that I was doing so far and what I was dreaming of into one project. It was almost 3 years ago. In 2015 I moved to Istanbul to explore Turkish women singers.
    Recently Sheila approached me and asked for an interview and special set of my Turkish ladies for her radio programme. As you can imagine, I have never been that much enthusiastic about any other mixtape and conversation with anyone before. Dots connected <3

    Check Sheila's website - Cha Cha Charming for more news about her DJ and collector activity.

    Tune in here: WFMU from 3pm – 6pm EST on March 3rd, 2017

    Podcast here



    New article for The National - Uzelli Kaset

    While researching about Turkish women in music, I came across Uzelli Kaset, which history and catalogue opened my eyes for Turkish music in 70s and 80s.

    "Enter Uzelli Kaset. Its history is not only an interesting case study of a music label but also a journey into the 20th century history of Turkish people, many of whom led two lives between their home country and Germany. The label has its origins in a shop established in Frankfurt by Muammer Uzelli in 1974 that sold Turkish goods for the workers. Decades later, I met Metin Uzelli, Muammer’s son, to learn about the Uzelli story."


    Soon collaboartion with Uzelli and Ladies on Records will bring fruits.


    Read article here

    Available to download here



    Ladies on Records at closing party of Renk Magazine Festival

    On October 22nd I had a pleasure to play at Party Liebes/ Wedding in Berlin celebrating Turkish, Polish and German connection.

    Perfect meeting of Polish and Turkish DJs in Berlin.

    Mehmet Aslan, The Very Polish Cut Outs, DJ Ipek Ipekcioglu & Ladies on Records.



    Photos from the event here




    Ladies on Records on Opening Season Party of Pera Muzesi

    The most inspiring museum in Istanbul, Pera Muzesi has started their next season. I had a pleasure to play on the opening event.


    Pera Museum’s “Long Night” event on Friday 23rd September was open to public event with DJ performances by Coşkun Akmeriç, Ladies on Records and Grup Ses Beats.

    Looking forward for the season in Pera Museum.



    3rd Mixtape from Ladies on Records

    Glorious Mistresses is a tribute to Turkish soul

    New mixtape from Ladies on Records - 60s & 70s female music - Glorious Mistresses.

    A selection of favourite songs from my collection of 45s, that I gathered through last 6 months. The most traumatic and strange 6 months for all of us.

    A tribute to beautiful singers - Rüçhan Çamay, Nil Burak, Nur Yoldaş, Zümra Aycan, Handan Kara, Füsün Önal, Şenay, Işil German, Tülay German and Sevda Aydan.
    A tribute to Turkish soul - filled with melancholy and joy.

    Let the joy win!



    Crossroads podcast: Turkey’s forgotten female music stars

    Enjoy podcast about Turkish Female Music for The National Abu Dabi

    I had a pleasure to talk to John Dennehy from The National about Ladies on Records.


    Featured songs:

    00:00: Yaz Gazeteci Yaz - Selda

    01:24: Hakali Seker - Zerrin Zeren

    02:48: Almanya Donosu - Zehra Shah

    04:30: Sevdiğim Adam - Ajda Pekkan

    07:04: Utan Utan - Selda


    Podcast to listen here




    Text in The National

    "Turkish revivalism: remembering the forgotten musical divas of the 60s and 70s"

    "I am interested in music that was once very important and reflected the spirit of the times but which is now just a shadow of the past. It can be heard on dusty records found in Turkey’s old record shops. The scratched, sleeveless black gold that I collect very often looks like trash. Many of the artists have passed away or are very old. In most cases, they live but are long forgotten.

    Turkish female music of the 1960s and 1970s is my passion. Choosing Turkey however, was not a coincidence. This type of music has been growing in popularity among European DJs and music collectors. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact date, but an important one was 2006 when Eothen “Egon" Alapatt, founder of US label Now–Again Records, created a Turkish funk mix for the influential Los Angeles-based Stones Throw Records. He paid tribute to the king of psychedelic Anatolian rock – Baris Manco, who was unknown in Europe..."


    Read the text here


    Interview on renk. Magazine

    “Music is a Window to Culture” – The Story behind Ladies on Records.

    One of the coolest art and culture magazines about contemporary Turkish and German - Turkish issues published their interview and covered my story of Ladies in Records project.


    I had a pleasure to talk to Regina Wiebe from renk.


    Interview in English and German.





    Ladies on Records in Dwutygodnik

    Agata Pyzik asks me about Turkish female music from 60s and 70s

    In January I had a pleasure to talk to Agata Pyzik from Dwutygodnik - one of the most interesting Polish cultural web magazines.

    You can read the interview now here.






    Link to CNN Turk

    My story about Esmeray on CNN Turk

    CNN Turk found my story originally written for The National and covered it in their news.

    I am very happy to find my story about Esmeray on CNN Turk - the most popular Turkish news page. It seems like Esmeray's message will be heard louder here in her homeland form now on.


    Will Esmeray's records soon become most wanted ones?! Let's see how it works.


    Hopefully CNN Turk will give reference to original text in The National - that I wrote this text for... ;)







    Esmeray: the untold story of an Afro-Turk music star - essay for The National

    Get to know Esmeray and her important message

    I have been discovering Turkish female music by digging in forgotten dusty record shops of Kadıköy and Eminönü. Each of the locations has its specific atmosphere and vibe. I found my first record of Esmeray in a small shop of Eminönü – a part of Istanbul where the call of muezzins seems to be louder, mosques bigger and more beautiful. This is the neighbourhood where deep sound of arabesque music and Arabic language can be heard more often.


    I started to be obssessed with Esmeray and searched for her music like an addict. I asked about „this amazing jazz vocalist“ from 70s, but soon I was to discover that nobody ever perceived Esmeray as a jazz singer. Remembered as a soldier diva from TV, I was to explore her blues, deep path on my own way.


    Check out the text about Esmeray for The National - Abu Dabi cultural magazine:




    Turkish Ladies - new mixtape from Ladies on Records - 2nd in Vinyl Only chart of Mixtape

    During 5 days it was listened by more than 1500 people, commented and reposted many times.

    After few months of digging and exploring I decided to create a mixtape of only Turkish female singers. You can check the result and listen to a live recording of only vinyl tunes. Unknown songs of Tülay German, Rana Alagöz, Zerrin Zerren, Esmeray and many others. Check out!





    Ladies on Records in ReOrient

    A story about Turkish female music in 60s and 70s was published.

    Digging in records goes together with historical and social research. While my stay in Istanbul I am constantly do both. Music is the best way to understand history of the country. Female music is the best way to see what was position of Turkish women in arts in 60s and 70s. Enjoy the text published in one of the most interesting Middle Eastern magazines from Canada - ReOrient.







    Tülay German and Burçak Tarlası

    Freedom fighter on exile

    Turkish music scene in 60s and 70s was flourishing. More and more female artists started they carrier thanks to growing demand for beautiful and European looking girls. Blond hair, short skirt, high heals were a sign of modern and full of prosperity life. Young and beautiful singers covered European, mostly French, songs and changed their accent for being more from there.


    Amongst all of these artists, there was one dark hair jewel Her name was Tülay German. Having great musical education, she was looking for something different - in music and life. Her musical exploration led her more towards combination of jazz and traditional turkish music. Her life attitiude led her to revolution and communism.


    Before I started my trip, I listened to Tülay German on the mixtape of Mehmet Aslan, I digged and found Burçak Tarlası song. I wrote in my travel notebook: "Burçak Tarlası is the key". And I was right.


    The song tells a story of young woman workig on the field, forced by mother-in-law to slavery hard work. The song calls women to raise their heads and stand up for their rights.


    I woke up in the morning

    There was the sound of azan

    Not the sound of a prayer

    There was the grief of the vetch

    Look at this evil

    How many fields he has


    Look how hard it is to pull vetches

    To be a bride in vetches field

    Don't bow you head, I would leave

    I will ruin your life and leave


    I waved my hand and it touched a thorn

    I cursed the one who sowed vetch

    Oh mother in law

    May your life come to the end


    Translation by Levant Sevi


    This beautiful song is rare example of women rights and freedom awareness music in Turkey. Besides social and political impact of the tune, this song is just extremely matured and well composed.

    And the voice of Tülay German! Wow! Reminds me of Polish singer from the same period of time, whose name is ... Anna German! I don't believe in coincidence - I believe in miracles!


    Tülay German was a freedom fighter - in music and in her deeds. She emigrated to Paris and joined communists there. Lives in exile till now.


    Big thanks to Murat Meriç - amazing music journalist and dj, who I heard her story from and who gave me the most beautiful EP of Tülay German for a birthday present!




    Ladies on Records' visual identity is ready!

    Check out the logo and key visual of the project

    I am very happy to cooperate with wonderful graphic designer - Tomasz Jurecki. We discussed for hours what Ladies on Records project is now and where it is heading to... and the visual concept is absolutely amazing.


    It is feminine and vintage at the same time. The logo brings the vibe of old record labels from 70s and this is what makes this project perfect.


    You can check Tomasz's other work here








    Meeting Selda Bağcan

    The heroine of Turkish psychedellic scene talked to me about her art and revolutionary values behind her music.

    - How do you see the role of Turkish women singers in telling about important stuff, about social justice, political rights, equality etc.?


    - This is the issue of all muslim world. Still Turkey is the best and easy going in comparison to any other muslim country. Even if it is not so obvious, you have to remember that in Turkey we have secularism. Actually - women rights and equality - I don’t really see these issues in terms of troubles or problems here in Turkey. Actually, it was not that difficult those days.

    I chose rock, psychedellic rock’n’roll as the way of my expression. That was my approach to life and also to music. When I started to record and perform, I was a university student and I belonged to '68 generation. It was also here in Turkey a rebellion generation. This movement was vivid mostly in France and Germany. And actually we wanted to be communists.


    - Who was your favourite female musician at this perdiod? Who inspired you the most?


    - I was impressed only by one woman. American singer, but originally from Italy. Connie Francis. In Turkey - no woman musician I was really influenced or inspired by.


    Full interview to be published soon.


    Selda Bağcan's music



  • About Ladies on Records

    I left beautiful job and comfortable vision of future to follow passion for female music.

    Ladies on Records is a personal journey into music and culture. You can join me anytime and explore the world of 60s and 70s singing beauties from around the world. Ladies on Records is a dream to encounter female musicians from various cultures and worlds through dusty records and blurred memories.

    As a first beloved destination I chose Turkey.


    On September 9th 2015 I took a plane to Istanbul via Budapest and since my first day I dived in women music. For next 3 weeks I was to search and find extraordinary music; meet and talk with interesting and open minded people who shared with me their passion for music.


    Turkish music from 70s has become explored again now - not only by Turkish but also international music amateurs. LPs and EPs of heros of psychedelic scene - Barış Manço, Cem Caraca, Moğollar, Erkin Koray, Edip Akbayram started to be rare and expensive. Men oriented Turkish scene flourished with reeditions and reissues, feeding djs and record collectors from around the world.


    Turkish music scene though in 60s and 70s was the golden period of female music. And it was mindblowing. Turkey as a moderate islamic country, secularized by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was stretched between Europe and Middle East. The position of women in Turkish music industry is interesting and inspiring. In 60s women finally gained possibility to express themselves more freely. Music of the time was the gate to freedom. It happened everywhere - in Europe, America and Asia.


    That is why my exploration started with Turkey - the land of the most prolific and interesting music scene of the time. Turkish identity, well expressed in Anatolian rock, consisted of many cultural patterns – Persian, Arabic, Greek, Ottoman and traditional Turkish folk music, blended all together with western modern pop and rock music. Who were the female singers of the time? How did they find the way to change their social position through music?


    While music of Turkey from 60s and 70s reached its popularity outside the country few years ago, I found Selda Bağcan - the heroine of Turkish psychedelic scene. But when I was looking for more female musicians I almost got nothing - compilations of Turkish music was heavy with men names, with a very few women artists. After a while Kamuran Akkor came to the surfce of memory brought by Light in the Attic label. That is it. I decided to go and search for the Ladies on my own.


    I went to Istanbul to take a look at Turkish progressive and psychdelic scene from female perspective and find its feminine element. I spent 3 weeks on cataloguing and exploring the role of women in Anadolu and Arabesque music if 60s and 70s. I explored, searched records, talk to artists and common people who love the music of the time. I listened to the music and brought it to you.


    In November 2015 I came back to dig more. And have stayed for 1,5 year in Istanbul.

    Through all this time I played as a DJ in many clubs in Istanbul, made soundlectures about women music from 60s and 70s, wrote stories for international magazines, worked with Turkish labels as a curator and researcher. I have been all the time focused on Turkish women singers - collected hundreds of records, met and interviewed artists and their family members, created only-vinyl mixes available online.


    My dream is to establish my own label LADIES on RECORDS and create new space for women music from 60s and 70s, expanding knowledge and awareness of women role in music industry and culture. This is still a dream, but hopefully it will become a reality.



  • Events

    Gigs and sessions

    June 8, 2019

    Heart of Noise Festival

    Innsbruck /Austria

    June 28, 2019

    Southern Soul Festival


    July 26, 2019

    Nalchik/ Russia


    August 9, 2019

    DJ set with Habibi Funk

    The Jazz Cafe, London/ UK

    August 9, 2019

    NTS Radio

    London/ UK

    August 16, 2019

    Warsaw/ Poland


    August 17, 2019

    Tarnów/ Poland


    August 27, 2019

    Brussels/ Belgium


  • About me

    Kornelia Binicewicz

    The whole life I was searching for deep and true connection between music and culture. I did it when I was a small girl singing a song about colorful elephants - where each of them was wearing different ribbon, I was doing it as a director of MiŚ Documentary Film Festival about Music, and as a program manager of Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow and I have been doing it till now as a record collector and dj, exploring music of 60s and 70s.